Friday, 20 March 2009

Finally hired!!!!

After pretty much the quickest and most hectic 3 months of our lives, we got called into the meeting room by the Creative Directors this morning... after the usual brief small talk we got offered a job. Cue shocked silence not knowing how to react, just huge smiles like a couple of gormless clowns. Absolutely chuffed, love it here at Leith and it's a massive weight off to actually be taken on permanently!


Jam said...

Huge, heee-owge congratulations guys. Now, of all times, too!

Now the real work begins ;)

Luke and Wilf said...

well done, let everyone know how it develops.

Mike said...

Nice one lads.

Adam said...

Wayhey! Good stuff lads! It's the best feeling when it finally comes together isn't it, all the effort was worth it. Leith have done some really nice work as well, i was one there site just the other day.

Well done!

BiscuitBarrel said...

Congratualtions lads! Brilliant news! Let us know how you get on!

Bitchbag said...

Mahoosive pat on the back. Such a great feeling to be loved.

Adam And Dan said...

Well done lads! Great news, good luck in your new job :D

Anonymous said...

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Joseph Goebbels said...

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