Saturday, 19 April 2008

'stomach butterflies' - idea

Just an idea for a TV ad for

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Trucks

Any good or not? Not in my opinion!! (Steve)

What's not to like I say; Stunts: check. Matrix-y slo-mo: check. Queen: check. Reminiscence of my last trip to Turin airport at about 1:08 mins in: check. (Alfie)

'Do you want their blood on your hands'

This is the campaign that we pitched to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service to deter drink driving. Posters along with ambient beer glasses placed in bars and clubs. The glass would be supported with a beermat explaining the dangers and statistics of drink driving causing fatal accidents.

We also pitched this campaign to the university's Employee Advisory Committee as the example of work the university is producing.

'skidding lines'

An initial scamp for a drug-driving campaign. Two lines of cocaine on a toilet seat skid over the edge.

Fit Club Ideas

These are some initial ideas that we had for Fit Club. Basically showing how if you join this gym, you will need to adapt your clothes accordingly.

Self-promotion idea

Absolutely no way this could go wrong.

Sony Bravia spoof

Inconsiderate Bravia people...

Smirnoff tea Partay

Brilliant viral ad for Smirnoff. Really well produced, could so easily have gone wrong.