Friday, 30 May 2008

Agency Simulation Executions

We were asked to create a campaign for our clients, Campbell Rowley (a photography agency in Bournemouth), to generate extra business through advertising agencies.

Proposition - 'Campbell Rowley has the space and skill to let your ideas grow'

This proposition was based around the fact that the agency has a large studio as well as skilled photographers.

The campaign centres around three phases. The first two are direct mail packages that would be sent to agencies, and the third involves a press advert and viral email to invite agencies to an exhibition being held at Campbell Rowley.

Phase One - In order to create a feeling of growth, the first direct mail package was created to look like a seed packet. Once the packet is opened, a small sheet comes out with 'plant your ideas' written on it. The sheet then folds out to a large A3 size, with the line ' and watch them grow' at the bottom. The fact that it folds out emphasises the feeling of growth and space that we wanted to reflect in the campaign. The whole sheet once folded out shows examples of CR's work as well as contact details.

Phase Two - This direct mail package includes a postcard with a pencil. It encourages the receiever to draw something mundane and post it onto CR's site. CR then photograph the object in an imaginative way and post it back onto the site. This shows the audience the skill that CR possesses as well as providing them with a sample of unique work. The pack also drives people to CR's site so they can see existing work and get in touch.

Phase Three - In order to get the potential clients to come to the studio and build relationships that way, we created invitations to an exhibition that CR would host. This would involve young photographers exhibiting their work, with the growth theme continued through the idea of 'growing young talent'. To generate interest in this event, we designed a press advert in the form of an invitation, as well as an animated version that would be emailed to potential clients (see below)

For some reason the quality of this video is terrible. If you want to see the actual flash application just give us an email

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