Friday, 5 December 2008

Where Alfie and I grew up

Need I say more, we grow well down 'ere in the South West innerr

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Are you a knock off Nigel?

Just seen this TV ad trying to get people to stop people downloading pirate DVDs and I bloody love it. So much better than the usual dictating ads that do absolutely nothing. Especially the one from the start of DVDs, "You wouldn't steal a car.." etc, don't know if anyone else knows what I mean but these are totally ineffective in my eyes. After all, who would want to be a knock off Nigel?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Good News!

Finally some good news! After a two week trial period at The Leith Agency, we have been offered a three month placement with a view to being extended to a year. This is a huge relief after several weeks of Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy, especially with the current state of the economy and the chances of employment at the moment. We very much look forward to starting in Edinburgh in the first week of January.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

So after our two week trial at Leith, we are awaiting a decision as to whether or not we can return for a placement. We finished the trial at the end of October and are expecting a decision at the start of December. In the meantime I have been putting together an illustrated book about the stuff we have learnt so far on placements, just to keep the creative juices flowing if anything. We have only been on three placements so far but the list is already quite long. 

I intend to make it an ongoing thing until we get our first job and probably beyond, hopefully becoming a useful guide to creatives who have to do the placement trail in the future. 
Working on a title and front page at the moment and have a list of tips as long as my arm, would welcome any other tips that people have picked up. what do you reckon to this as a title page for starters?

Monday, 3 November 2008

Which types have you encountered?

Found these great cartoons by Tom Fishburne. Haven't met all these types by any means, but some definitely seem familiar!!!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Worst. Ad. Ever.

Call me an alcoholic with skyhigh standards, but this 1920's campaign just doesn't do it for me

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

HFRS campaign

Just seen the HFRS drink driving ad that has been created after they took on our idea. We created the 'blood on your hands' concept during a unit in the 3rd year. You can see our original work in an earlier blog post. 

Hours of fun

While in Mcdonalds recently, I discovered this ingenious idea for promoting Star Wars. One piece of cardboard from the Happy Meal box can be torn off to turn your straw into a light sabre. Brilliant.

Office creativity

Bored in a menial office job? To try and keep the creative juices flowing while stuck at a desk in a mind numbing job, I like to doodle. This piece I have entitled 'helicopter saving a man from sharks after his boat has sunk in the sea'. It needs some development but I think it has massive potential.

Ambient poster for Knocked up

Really cool idea to promote Knocked Up film, but what happens when they turn into frogs??

I heart Banksy

Love Banksy's work, especially his latest creations in New York..

Thursday, 25 September 2008

GPS Drawing

Really cool idea by BMW, encouraging people to draw pictures by driving around using their GPS, getting interactive with their motorbike journeys..

Unbelievable clever use of online media for Burger King

Sponsorship of the New Indiana Jones movie by Burger King might be a great brief to get, but still amazing execution. Should be annoying but it somehow isn't...

GPS Mission

This GPS game looks like a really cool way of using the GPS that is included in loads of new phones, especially the new 'gphone' from Google. The 'missions' that people set for each other could be used for some sort of advertising surely...? Brands setting consumers missions which lead to one of their outlets maybe...? More info on the game at

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Monday, 9 June 2008

Relentless Energy Drink

Objective: Simplify the Relentless brand image by conveying a more straightforward message about energy.
Target Audience: 12-25 exercise enthusiasts
media: Press/print

Objective: Show the wide range of activities on offer at and how they can be booked with very little notice.
Target Audience: 18-35 young professionals.
Media: Press/print/adshels

Barclays Student Account

Objective: Position Barclays as a bank that understands students.
Media: Press/print

Friday, 30 May 2008

Agency Simulation Executions

We were asked to create a campaign for our clients, Campbell Rowley (a photography agency in Bournemouth), to generate extra business through advertising agencies.

Proposition - 'Campbell Rowley has the space and skill to let your ideas grow'

This proposition was based around the fact that the agency has a large studio as well as skilled photographers.

The campaign centres around three phases. The first two are direct mail packages that would be sent to agencies, and the third involves a press advert and viral email to invite agencies to an exhibition being held at Campbell Rowley.

Phase One - In order to create a feeling of growth, the first direct mail package was created to look like a seed packet. Once the packet is opened, a small sheet comes out with 'plant your ideas' written on it. The sheet then folds out to a large A3 size, with the line ' and watch them grow' at the bottom. The fact that it folds out emphasises the feeling of growth and space that we wanted to reflect in the campaign. The whole sheet once folded out shows examples of CR's work as well as contact details.

Phase Two - This direct mail package includes a postcard with a pencil. It encourages the receiever to draw something mundane and post it onto CR's site. CR then photograph the object in an imaginative way and post it back onto the site. This shows the audience the skill that CR possesses as well as providing them with a sample of unique work. The pack also drives people to CR's site so they can see existing work and get in touch.

Phase Three - In order to get the potential clients to come to the studio and build relationships that way, we created invitations to an exhibition that CR would host. This would involve young photographers exhibiting their work, with the growth theme continued through the idea of 'growing young talent'. To generate interest in this event, we designed a press advert in the form of an invitation, as well as an animated version that would be emailed to potential clients (see below)

For some reason the quality of this video is terrible. If you want to see the actual flash application just give us an email

Drench TV Ad

The best TV ad in a long time

Saturday, 19 April 2008

'stomach butterflies' - idea

Just an idea for a TV ad for

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Trucks

Any good or not? Not in my opinion!! (Steve)

What's not to like I say; Stunts: check. Matrix-y slo-mo: check. Queen: check. Reminiscence of my last trip to Turin airport at about 1:08 mins in: check. (Alfie)

'Do you want their blood on your hands'

This is the campaign that we pitched to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service to deter drink driving. Posters along with ambient beer glasses placed in bars and clubs. The glass would be supported with a beermat explaining the dangers and statistics of drink driving causing fatal accidents.

We also pitched this campaign to the university's Employee Advisory Committee as the example of work the university is producing.

'skidding lines'

An initial scamp for a drug-driving campaign. Two lines of cocaine on a toilet seat skid over the edge.

Fit Club Ideas

These are some initial ideas that we had for Fit Club. Basically showing how if you join this gym, you will need to adapt your clothes accordingly.

Self-promotion idea

Absolutely no way this could go wrong.

Sony Bravia spoof

Inconsiderate Bravia people...

Smirnoff tea Partay

Brilliant viral ad for Smirnoff. Really well produced, could so easily have gone wrong.