Thursday, 20 November 2008

So after our two week trial at Leith, we are awaiting a decision as to whether or not we can return for a placement. We finished the trial at the end of October and are expecting a decision at the start of December. In the meantime I have been putting together an illustrated book about the stuff we have learnt so far on placements, just to keep the creative juices flowing if anything. We have only been on three placements so far but the list is already quite long. 

I intend to make it an ongoing thing until we get our first job and probably beyond, hopefully becoming a useful guide to creatives who have to do the placement trail in the future. 
Working on a title and front page at the moment and have a list of tips as long as my arm, would welcome any other tips that people have picked up. what do you reckon to this as a title page for starters?

Monday, 3 November 2008

Which types have you encountered?

Found these great cartoons by Tom Fishburne. Haven't met all these types by any means, but some definitely seem familiar!!!