Monday, 2 March 2009

Best shop sign ever?


Mike said...

Straight out of Scotland?

It made me laugh. How's Leith working out guys? All well I hope!

Steve and Alfie said...

Yeh the signs around here are puntastic. Leith's great, getting a lot of work loved by the agency and the client, but then not running for various reasons which is frustrating. Got a couple of weeks left before they decide whether to keep us on or not. What are you guys up to?

Ronnie Blogsville said...

Remember "Cloud Wine", awful awful name but good for cheap out of date booze!

What's the plan if you don't get kept on then? Move to Landan?

Guy and Sarah, Junior Creative Team. said...

Hahaha! I remember INKredible from when I was on placement at The Union (pre-Guy and Sarah days) - my personal favourite was Polski-Smack, just because it sounded real grimey, lol.

If I remember correctly, there's a whole string of pun-eriffic shops pretty much all next to each other?

Congrats at getting the job by the way!